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adapted. Indeed, this gentle and continued compression by strips

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ture. In a large proportion of the accurately recorded cases, the appear-

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Caryopliyllus, Galla, Pnmum, and Bosa ; but the genius of our language re-

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days pretty constantly at a uniform height. Then comes the period

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opportunities to familiarize himself with the diagnosis and treat-

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the subject of ;i trial for manslaughter at the Central Criminal Court {Reg. v.

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the average, and the cervix uteri appears to be en-

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50 W. Broadway. New York City 1461 No. Franklin St. Oakland. CaL 324 Pacific Block. Seattle, Wash-

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gestions will also meet with a bitter fight, but as these suggestions

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On resuming my duties, May 1st, I found this man still in the house. In the

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rest being perft-elly healthy. The form of cancer was the encepha-

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directs his replies. Ist. That the limb after excision is really

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these effects had gone off, when it was repeated in the same man-

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country and abroad. Among the sanatoriums exhibited will

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not very flattering, a considerable quantity of unhealthy mat-

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eliminated from the kidneys as carbonates ; and were this the fact

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shivering or a chill, or with fits oi chilliness alternating with heat.

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in angry misapprehension, have resolved to sever the close

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erable length of time -withont doing himself a definite injury. This

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The most characteristic symptoms produced by the disease in adults are

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frequently appear swollen and cloudy, and their contours less distinct than

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with the strange faculty of pondering over and analyzing its

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not pass into the bladder, but comes out through the perineal wound.

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measles; but it will be noted that they were manifested upon the eighth day

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Charcot as of rare occurrence, viz. fever (temperature 100° —

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satisfactorily as dilute hydrochloric acid in 1-3 minim doses

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Dr. Spiller also reported a case of Jacksonian epi-

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Binger, Carl A. The selective inhibitory action of methylene blue and

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