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Georoe, Assistant-Surgeon O. W., JI.D , to be Surgeon 1st Life
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( A. L. ) Report of .a case of hemorrhagic bilious remit-
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present themselves for admission into an hospital, being easily separ-
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684 bass: manner in which cerebral malaria is produced
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staring, upstanding, fungiform papillae. Both these conditions are
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of comprehension. Here the tissue in which the capillaries are im-
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of Bacteriology. We arc convinced that these aj>p«intnu'nts
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is called an indifferent treatment, and of the antipyretic treatment carefully
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superior strata of the chorion — & condition is speedily set
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his kindly spirit of good cheer, part with his wise counsel and his
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twelve quarts of serum were caught in a vessel ; while a quan-
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This affection is considered under the heading Diagnosis of Diseases
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and that section of Korea simple goiter is cpiite common
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irritation occasioned by the presence of worms, and that
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size, as shown by the second skiagram. The patient is still under
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admirable reports of Farr may enable us to go a step farther
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in the hind limb after tying of the femoral vein in animals the
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employed preservatives like borax. (3) Even if, as in the
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bacteriologic observations on pseudoleukemia, but in this
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The condition of the brain substance as exposed in the operative
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depression. Similarly, dementia should be considered
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the finest collection of pathogenetic records extant : " and that
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"Blue tongue" is a third form which may be regarded as a
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pletely closing it. The ureters and pelvis of the kidneys were
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Is caused by several species of ' acari ' (mange mites)
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Otis. Genito-Urinary Diseases and Syphilis. Second edition
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7. s., V, 610-013. Also: Policliu., Roma, 1894-5, i, suppl.,
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plugging the posterinr nares. Tlierap. Ga/,., Detroit, 1880,
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recovery. In a second case a woman, 4S years old, had for 3

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