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of pain over the pubes, but his general health was good.

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that I would learn better from observation than from books.

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Etiology. The causes, so far as they are known to us, have already

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gland has been carefully compiled in this book. Fortunately

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10s. to £4 10s. ($16.91 to $21.87 U. S.), the former being the lowest

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Calumbo. Tonic. Dose of the powdered root, from 2 to 4 dr.


Sixteenth Annual Meeting, held at Kingston, Ontario,

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all but very few cases. Swallowing warm fluids seems to make the "squeezing

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power of elimination and an increase in the production of acid in the

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After removal of the wax, and an inflation, her hearing; became

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Strieker theory. The three most promiijent theories

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investigations into the nature and pathology of functional diseases.

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excited within the cranium." The first case which we shall relate, and

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