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sults of the last census indicate some areas, however, in which a more

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This patient, a male, aged 60, presented himself at the ophthalmic

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traction of the child must not be made an exhibition of

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the heart, and iniensibility, and finally death in 75 seconds after the application of the

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things are forgotten or rather generallv unknown. It is

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inorning hours without previous warning. The patient

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left to pursue its natural course, making in all 34 cases, pneumonitis oc-

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possible to surpass such a sentence, which we allow to stand in

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fluence of which I found her. The abdomen was some-

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at each tapping with carbolized water. Twocircunastancesmay

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injections, or suppositories of astringent agents, are to be used methodically.

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1-3000 solution of formalin, 1-5000 solution of bichlorid of mer-

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these subjects are prone to suppuration from slight causes;

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tion Dr. Schron, who, in his too anxious attempt to reconcile

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established an institution at Lakeville, known as the School for

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every corner is necessary, although a direct recognition of these very unusual optic

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