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acute stage. It pointed out to him the danger of favoring the

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on "How Can We Best Secure the Enforcement of the Medical



The increase in the ntmiber of births is one that is more a

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102 •Pas in the Peritoneal CaTlty. Robert T. Morris.

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Cora E. Brown-. M.D., Dawson Springs, Ky., to L. E. Lutz.

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genuity and acquired skill. If, on the other hand, it

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we are indebted to Drs. Reed, Carroll and Agramonte.

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• Annual Address to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Lexington ; in which

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important lesso'ns to assist him in the way of benefiting his fellow creatures.

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local process, arrest and cure are perfectly feasible; in

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each other as that which exists between the barrels of a double-barreled

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agent which will put pus and pus-forming elements into solu-

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religious, and three weeks after her confinement was taken with a chill,

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Tub I'iKoiLATioN IN THE Nebvoijs System. By Herman Gasser,

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Hooker on the Relation between the Respiratory and Circulating

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dicate chronic Bright's disease, but this is not a reliable indi-

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inges are normal, the iodin does not pass through them. The

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whenever the pains appeared, and a strict milk diet. In two

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ized the first, both being a sort of secretion of the germ

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