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the movements of the muscles of the eye as their name implies.
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Dr. Rogers, formerly of St. Petersburg ; Drs. Rutherford,
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Dr. H. G. Piffard, of New York, said that the disease which
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it, that is, the concentration of urea in the blood, the rate of excretion
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health, and for invoking your collective aid in elucidating
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scholarship fund procedure and commented on the hos-
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cured. As already stated, such a case must be treated by the elastic bougie, or
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as the local use of baths or injections, caustics, astringents, counter-
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Was .'i Waiter, and an habitual tippler, and we were called upon to decide
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Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical, by Henry Gray, Lea Bros. & Co.
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study of an acute infectious disease of unknown origin. Amer. Jour. Med. Sci.,
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caciou capsular. Cieucia mod., Madrid, 1898, v. 35. — Eiu>
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the back, carrying loads of rushes to fill a hole, in order to
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just as the Peruvian bark has reduced many complaints, that were,
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From the fourth month to term, all the phenomena enumerated may be pres-
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The systolic murmur is transmitted loudly to axilla, pulmonary cartilage, and
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with fev/ of these in the present day. The intelligent
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the same results to the naked eye. By this instrument, the physician
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knowledge of the risk, suitable means are not used to avert a
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These considerations would throw light more especially upon the
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bleeding and infiltrated tissues. Exceptional cases do arise,
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soap 1 oz., nitre I oz., extract of cow-parsnep 1 oz. In pills of
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to the conclusion that the x-rays are not exactly identi-
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of the pulmonary disease of quarrymeu. He stated that the
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As this accident of the ulcer is, after all, somewhat rare, I will
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indicated in cases of unilateral cyst in a young woman ;
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*Bpl S j- — ^- S. a teaspoonfid when the attack threatens), the effect
and sugar may perhaps be more desirable foodstuffs than milk.
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101 F. ; pulse, 130; W. C. B., 14,000. Oiieration advised and performed, acute

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