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cominn- to a diagnosis of intracranial tumour. The pre-

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riages ; last, six years ago. Has been losing weight

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left the hospital expressing himself as quite well, although

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verse incision at the midline over the stomach. The

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of the acute diphtheritic process is one of the most

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The greatest cause of trouble, and even failure, in the actual

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larged, adherent glands here are a sj^mptom of glanders.


had shown that there was mainly only one form of afferent

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may talk to him."— Darwin L. Bardwell, Superintendent of Schools, Bing-

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for mental disorder, writers on psychiatry, and oth-

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.liiibulances de Crimee et aux hopitaux francaise en Tur-

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iotarsal region. X ray revealed a tuberculous cavity

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