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cop.fcrence of the sanitary officers of the State of Xew

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usually with a firmer integration of these tendencies

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strength; d. night sweats; e, chills; f, tachycardia;

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orallv. by rectum or by injection, the latter is most

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ture have been, beyond reasonable doubt, the source

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these cases the toe phenomenon should be present, if

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A New Treatment of Spastic Palsies. Editorial, Journal

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hydrobromide sufficient to produce drowsiness, thus

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this class. Guiard thinks so well of urotropin that

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*Read before the Philadelphia County Medical Society, February

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Lillie in working out their application to the phe-

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treatment was given over the site of operation. The

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rest of us, they are a source of peril to the good. The late Dr.

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sociated horrors of barbarous tortures, and persecu-

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organism, especially if free pus is obtainable and a

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"It shows nothing of any moment except this wide division there.

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and insufficient. It is not difficult to confound them

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pression rather peculiar ; skin over the face and neck was

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ing to an annual death rate of 15.6 in a thousand of pop-

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in the Northwestern University Medical School. — An-

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spoken of as a "dispersoid," and which in general corre-

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tient is the same, and it consists in absolute rest,

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for 1909. Illustrated by Colored and Other Plates, and

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perienced clinician, a good teacher, and a prolific

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tion for best work. The postures permitted and taught

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ited to members of the Section in Pc-ediatries of the New

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lymph which nourishes the eye, and the proper drainage of the

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and remained motionless for two days. All awaited his

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to live." It is somewhat painful to be told now that

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ment ulcer healed. Reaction negative. Treatment to be

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this theory. In the case cited by Billings and Capps

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supposed to display a distinct sedimentary or gravi-

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