manifestation of diphtheria. Real diphtheria of the conjunctiva is not

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to admit ; if there were no counteracting moral agent, it would matter little

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and filled with spots plainly seen with the eye. The

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FIG. 91. Drawing of posterior aspect of pelvis, showing relation of

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nating point in a refreshing sleep. And if we do not have

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strictly medical, such as involve questions relating to sanity, legitimacy,

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rarely fail to promote the alvine evacuations, and are used, figs for

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Atropine by injection has also been recommended; as yet, I cannot offer

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strength are improving, but the limbs and other parts have become


trations of the advantage of keeping to a strictly milk

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tures of pneumococci, of Streptococcus mucosus, or of Pneumococcus

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those recently treated, in the instrument employed, and indeed

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to amputate, a hope being entertained that the limb might be

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extensive in this case that all of the small intestine was removed

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health resorts of Lower and Upper Egypt, the seasons at which

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Platearius, a professor of medicine at the University, and was the

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