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sis that may not be found in dilatation of the bronchia, nor a sin-
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tion in these waters. The high atmospheric temperature to which
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the swelling was without pain. The spirits of the patient were
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probable that this renal injury may progress to ac-
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injury to the pernieum and its rupture permitted the
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varieties of material in regard to the intensity of
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writing of the fall of the Roinan Empire, predicted
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and the water will run through and thoroughly clean
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nevertheless, if the two conditions are sharply dis-
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physiological effects appear and then reducing until
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which the disease here occurs, it will be necessary to attend to more
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A second organism, often associated with the first,
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life of the individual which it is difficult to alter,
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blurred. The test is, further, quite valuable in de-
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inhabitants of the respective villages has markedly
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them with his present condition, I am inclined to believe there has
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factors controlled the balance between heat produc-
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making a diagnosis. This will include : an exact his-
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inferior extremity of the vesicle so that it can be
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given as usual (one per cent, novocaine). On enter-
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some time appeared to amend gradually. For near a week,
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shows a slight tremulousness, speech is slow, halt-
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is advisable. In the chronic infiltrated obstructive
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the ward, get into beds occupied by other patients,
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Epstein states that the children of tuberculous parentage do
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FoTXRTH District, JOSEPH C. GREENE, M. D., Erie County.
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The multiple glass test aids us in locating the site
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ability incident to service. He entered the army as
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publicly to the friends, which he forthwith did. l,in the mean time,
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neously disappear ; but it is very common for the augmentation of the tumour iu
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teri.T. which was also found in the feces. The case?
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norrhcea, by sinapisms applied to the mammze.- — Gazette Med. de Paris, Aoiit,
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subject still standing the pulse is counted in five
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^ Wednesday, March 12th. — Brooklyn Medical Associa-
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appears extremely plausible, and which has been scrupulously
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the consideration of laborious labours, it is not my intention to
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search after either, mocked our diagnosis and loss of time; for
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