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in deciphering, and which may lead him to devise new theories,

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I. Waldenburg's vital lung capacity : 3,000 cubic centi-

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roses ; that it may suffer metamorphic transformations, or be altogether re-

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iliac joint. As to the age of incidence, the same authority gives the

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di Torino, 1885, xxxiii, 3. s., 538-551. Also,transl. |Alistr.J:

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months and finally lose their infection without ever having any recog-

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pupils were larger, the surface warmer, slight consciousness, and

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days and then falls rather quickly to normal, often within

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tation, therefore, has little efficacy in retarding conception.

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could employ their own medical attendant, and there

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positions taken by Prof. Salmon ; that Texas fever is

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healthy and desert-like island, to such nation's everlasting disgrace, as well

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during which his mind is concentrated upon the correct perform-

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College is fully justified in sanctioning the proposed alteration,

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lihe " tnagii^ rods " of European invention to the modern

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he was troubled the most and his food seemed to pass

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* Förster (Wiener Med. "Wochenschrift, 1858, No. 32) indeed, considers

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junctival injections of mercuric bichloride in various ocu-

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fident that many desci'iptions handed down by -tt^iters of former times were

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lish the fact that female double monsters are very much more

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and no perceptible constitutional disturbance. All who are

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from the left second intercostal space (midway between the osseous nbe

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after. Again it came on suddenly and in considerable quantity, accompanied

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fie alt for him to walk in the dark. With a greater amount of paralysis,

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quently. Masturbation and seminal emissions had been common.

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dling cans, but they entail a larger initial cost, to which must be

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Cleroux (L. J.-T. ) Physiologie et pathogenie de la

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Warnings: Caution patients about possible combined ef-

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