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vein may be pressed upon, and the resulting obstruction may give rise
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to be exercised before an authoritative opinion was stated,
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pass away, that the cough, which had distressed the patient, is
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as inoculated with a pure culture of B. lactis aerogenes and B. typho-
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are of doubtful propriety. I have never seen benefit from the warm bath, or
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tions. He brought his rush and energy to the service of the
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scription : Bichloride of mercury, one grain ; iodide of potassium, four
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urged the young woman to drink it. She thought it was
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(2) R&R Sheet Comment 3. Ground-Air Support Mil
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ing so much to the sufferings of oesophageal stricture.
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about 102°, but in very old ones I have seen it as low as 96°.
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in myelogenous leukemia, of numerous intermediate forms, from myelo-
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a bone foreep<, the mass was further divided, and finally
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probing the wound, declared the ball * had severed the
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and partial auassthesia of the right side of the face, but
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