Veterinary Phenobarbital Dosage

was made possible in July, when $3,735 was presented
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vast deal to say for themselves and against their rivals. And
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which succeeded the injections of larger doses — thirty to sev-
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is restored to its former condition of apparent health.
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for their care during convalescence, and the discharged
veterinary phenobarbital dosage
proportion, viz., 11 per cent., were the mothers. Both parents were
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unconnnonly, hailed as fanciful or romantic. We should avoid the
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It is uncommon to find any proof whatever that a dog
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reddish color from the reduction of the copper, and varied only in the intensity
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Time and space forbid further additions to these gruesome lists. We see
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their giving rise to hemorrhage and perforation. He finds
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the experimental cases on animals the liver w'as treated by the same
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varying degree. As can be seen no relation exists between the
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of the writers and have not been edited in any way.
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the Finsen procedure is the best method of treating
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the United Kingdom. Major Tulloch points out the following striking
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height, ought to settle down into a steady stream. We ought to know
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Occurring as an epidemic affection, in childbed, it doubtless proceeds
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that of a millet-seed to that of a swan-shot ; nay, the cavities may
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thra, say to No. 20 (Engl.) applied every day or two, seems
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the stomach has a characteristic fetor; the butyric fermentation furnishes
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the scalp thoroughly cleansed of dirt, scabs, or scales, and
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charged with oil of turpentine^and assafoetida, were repeatedly
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how closely interdependent the organs of this system are we can
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enarzt, Berl., 1893, viii, 385- 389. — Krukfiiberg ( G. )

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