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that time, when the writer has been at home in Denver, he

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Medical School in 1848. From his first election to the Rhode

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Sixteen years ago this spring, my friend, Dr. E. of Chittenango,

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alone, until the following year, Dr. A. D. Wilson had the courage

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tion ; slight cramps in the lower extremities ; complete anorexia ;

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eyehds, or to the tips, the prepuce, the scrotum, or to the labia majora ;

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Every general practitioner, particularly in the coun-

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suffered very little, and invariably will thank you for having used it.

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persistent offensive green acid stools. The common organisms of the

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behind the periscrotal angle dilatable by the interrupted or continuous

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head, are of the unanimous opinion that such knowledge is of the

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The tumour is the shape of a large cherry-stone, seated on a

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there is softening. This inflammatory softening is distinguished from

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books, to be studied, make the use of compends of any

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educating the people to appreciate the fact that it is not essential for

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seat of obstruction and in its immediate neighbourhood the inflammation

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In February, 1943, had fatigue, severe cough, later

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5. By the excessive infant mortality and increasing

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vomiting, lienteric diarrhea, identical appearance of the vomit and the

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the country generally, the legislative provisions have

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ganglion; also because the fifth pair has an intimate

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child four years after marriage. No miscarriages or abor-

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advises always to extend the incisions out at the anus, dividing the exter-

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who had been making extension). Of especial importance is the divis-

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use of the sulphate of quinia, in small or modei'ate doses, is prejudicial to

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Ur bouthey s care with symptoms of general peritonitis and

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Washington University School of Medicine, Box 8063, 660

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average it is safe to say that he does not respond as quickly as he

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ease or pregnancy ; a purgative in ulceration of the

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mic injection of jaborandi or its alkaloid pilocarpine in any case, and that is the flood-

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