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staring, upstanding, fungiform papillae. Both these conditions are

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Fehling's solution slightly (o.i per cent, glucose).

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Dr. Tanner, in his forty days' fast, lost about fifty

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withdrawn, the urethra should be thoroughly flushed with an antiseptic

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impossibility, hence our efforts must be directed in the firs

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slightly excoriated. There was no effusion of blood beneath, but the muscles

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March 22. — Finished treatment. No material diminution

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the night. However, he draws the two following conclufions :

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Chronie vieer may in cicatrizing give rise to a small tumor, followed by

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mental, although gradual, was most perfect. He is now at

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catarrhal inflammation of the intestinal canal is often confined

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cases of infectious disease pathogenic schizomycetes mi-

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rally look for an intelligent action on this subject."

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without being themselves the subjects of it," even if they have not been

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ansesthesia may likewise occur, but less frequently than crossed hemiplegia.^

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task force to coordinate a program with the State of West

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impress upon our minds the precepts of wisdom and to instil in us love

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failed — where probably no ulcer exists. He has found it to be I

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blood by the continual passage of decomposing matter through

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fraction. By Edward Jackson, A. M., M. D. With twenty-six illus-

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that they are placed on record and they are a valuable

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in the jear (15,810) by the estimated midyear population (1,605,863),

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all of my cases up to the present time I have used strong anti-

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Not unrarely there is a bilateral discharge in glanders, and also

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naked eye. Individually they were of pulpy consistence, consisted of a delicate

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Brit. Med. Joum. April 18, 1891. Malaria: 40. Boicesco. Archiv. Roumain. de

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of division of the large blood-vessels and the attachment of the

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