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cally stated that the spleen was enlarged, while in very

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the Government has entered may not be attended with disaster. If an

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33. Von Noorden, C. : Die Fettsucht, Ed. 2, Vienna, 1910.

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courage might enable him to do the deed, but he could not.

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pathogenesis the ptosis of the various organs are so

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appearance of pus does not at all signify that the antrum is

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ful area which is absent in hyperacidity, and by the presence of occult

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will be the favourite. On behalf of Science and Medicine,

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mterea.^. It has pleased (Jod,inhis infinite wisdom, to remove from

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digitalin, morphin, oxygen and purgative. Patient fell in

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8. Association Medical Journal. Editedby A. Wynter, IM. D. Published

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is inflamed and that may end in recovery or pass on into a

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ulated each time. These additional cultures showed little or no difference from the ones

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not been for the recurrent attacks of severe biliary colic and

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as being by no means rare, but it is more probable that in the majority

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e medical men of the notion, still very prevalent, of the power of

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certain district of India where it was always, and had been from

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some instances, a difficulty of passing urine ; in one

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the forceps. A word as regards aneesthetics, — I use anaesthet-

mucinex side effects tired

fecting service performed the usual offices without much difficulty.

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comparable lymphocyte curves are considered, an average of 69.4

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37 illustrations. With Translations of Special Articles by FELIX Rkcnaii.T, M.

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to the house found he had put on the macintosh belonging to a " horsey " man^

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tures for the year amounted to $147,875, the receipts

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portion of alum is a judicious addition to the wash, when applied to the

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the relations of special portions of the field of medi-

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The canula and a rubber tube attacbed to it, which has a female

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impairment of speech. His conduct was variable. At times

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17 were definitely cured, the percentages would stand

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