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Croom, G. H, Wilmington, N. C. Med. Coll, 1909 1909 1916
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used, but not so assiduously as before. The watch is now heard ten
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desired a continuance of the trial, the introduction of
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the skin better on this account. Other advantages are
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If, then, only about three or four months can be spent in the
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medical records of patients admitted with the diagnosis of
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gave salvarsan to one of these patients. The father reviews
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death, and on an average five days before death. Moore, of the
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rupture it had been more profuse and long-continued.
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In thanking the members of the Section for the honour of election
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2 it is stated that on heating oxalic acid no appreciable change
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ruption of the biological concept that function fashions the
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accurately defined, for the postero-parietal region also has apparently
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shows itself sooner or later. The patient is rarely quite restored to the
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In 1937, Bianco observed that alcohol depressed hema-
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The credentials of Delegates were read and accepted;
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not commence until 1912. The pellagrins whose incidence may be
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though the field of inquiry be boundless, and its interest
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obviated by the use of paper sacks and wrappers, which are
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was looked upon as the dawn of a new era of increased use-
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of all cattle and dead meat exported should be made,
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it would be a great boon both to the practitioner and patient, if in the new
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satisfactory, recovery rapid, the mortality varying between 5 per cent,
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reported to the Philadelphia bureau of health for the
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afternoon, and beg in the tourist district at night. It is
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communicate to the ignorant ; who, from that very ignorance, as well as
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while leucosarcoma usually spreads by formation of nodules on the
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with destruction of a greater number of cells, and therefore with a larger
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which was at the same time studiously adopted. The mortification having in
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proper nourisliment, or to the influence of cold. As
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as a whole, shared in the prejudice, and joined with unction in
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they were accepted willingly. Atropine, % per cent,
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tussis by Mallory and Hornor/^ in a form of guinea pig pneumonia
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history of all known cases of ligature of the inno-
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morbid impression sympathetically transferred to that susceptible
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well-being and healthfulness of the community, and in which
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admits the claim of Sir Richard Greaves ; but he is
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