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opening the abscess immediately and employing artificial

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should not be left for haphazard settlement in the indefinite

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and have seen those appearances in individuals whose lives we consider

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or 40.6° C.). A curious and important fact is that with the

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(d) A course of practical dental mechanics, including the manu-

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prevent accumulations, and to avoid friction of the hardened faeces on

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cough, tenderness of the lamyx, and roaring. The cough is

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^The Lathrop stock of mice was recently purchased for The Rockefeller In-

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face escaped in Friedreich's case, tlo e of the limbs being affected alone.

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anthrax so severe as the Woolsorters' Disease had hitherto been described as

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the medical department, and it is expected that the attendance will

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and niceties of Professional etiquette — from paying the penalty

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mission at all. There is no real intermission of the heart — that is, as a beat

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gall-bladder, which was thickened and had contracted

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DO YOU SMOKE A PIPE? . . . We suggest an unusually fine

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occasioned it ; and a fatal case is on record where the pleura was wounded

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*■ times in 10,000 cases of eye trouble. The tumor de-

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lamination after death showing that the tumor pressed upon the

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the purpose of detecting not only new growths but to discover

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omjiis moriar'' so we believe Osier non omnis — not

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st.anco, every now and then, instances have occurred

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the point of a Master of English as did the great and good Thomas

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