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Intravenous injection is the most rapid and certain

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agents capable of modifying the diphtheritic inflammation.

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fluid may be such as to exert a definite effect of devia

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of the beginning of the disease none furnish so little prognostic indica

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After some discussion Dr. Pollock s amendment was then ap

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ful and systematic attention to sanitary conditions in

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The head of a pin may often be lightly tapped against the

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increased rapidly until in a few weeks the right limb had obtained the

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that the patient has or may have AIDS. If a patient

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hospital and are quite unable to understand why it should

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pathological change whatever save the atrophy consequent upon the paralysis

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sians Bohemians Arabs and other steerage passengers among whom were

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neous for on that night she slept profoundly and next morning

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after an ordinary confinement except that the catheter may

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few weeks old. Water pap still figures prominently while oatmeal rice

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infants nurses and dehauches of both sexes and is caused by tlie

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beiog capable of allowiog extension to be made to the limb.

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dislodged leaving very little cicatrix. It was however a very tedious

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tare placenta inserita nel fondo dell utero e presenta

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small that in one third of the cases no observable effects what

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The speaker thought there was always some risk of anky

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ception of the mode in which alterative doses of antimony so fre

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toms. On the other hand we may meet with cases in which the

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sexual organs weak and irritable unfit to follow his

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tinued for nearly a month the dose of potassium iodide being diminished

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a pearly or yellowish appearance. When examined closely it will

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testify against them and with many meetings in which indulgence in

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