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recommended for acceptance. As regards the finding of sugar

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Another, Charriere complete set comprising twenty-five pieces; fine order.

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ticable. Now the entire object of the after dressing

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connection some figures collected from Dr. Austin Flint's

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of Garrison Surgeon at Allahabad, which brought him into

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to them some knowledge of the physical qualities of medicinal sub-

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contributed facts in support of the beautiful theory of figure-

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however, may be based on a comparison of the structural

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indeed, the impossibility of identifying this organism

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and self-supporting. Within half a century many years

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paralysis manifest themselves, it is often very difficult to

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will be submitted in the near future for considera-

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offers to-day. The favorable effect of accidentally con-

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convulsive movements, directed his attention first to th^ ganglionic cells, as the puts of

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(1) The child bears the operation well; (2) but very

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ment of Compound Fractures" by Donald Macrae, Jr., of Council Bluffs.

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to have had any influence upon the development of the dis-

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light of that article permit me to state that before that date

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the porcupine. An aromatic odor clung to everything — a soft

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spiratory organs. The usual plan is to keep the tar boiling over

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of the vessels. The crystals may often be recognized by the naked eye. In addition

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physicians have been working towards this goal on a

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munications, an interesting specimen from Dr. Cheves, of

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as late as three or four weeks is not followed by recurrence.

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Zurich, in the authorized translation of his work on Diseases of the

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matory hyperplasia, which commenced in the subcutaneous

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kidneys are affected. Following out the classification given

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with Dissection and Hospital Practice, more than their limited

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which I wa-s as sure as X could be that the fundus of the eye

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flating his lungs in coughing, the boy was breathing with

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hesitation about introducing cases of inoculation with

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disease. During the cold stage, especially if it is of long dura-

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capable of harming doctors by limiting their ability to

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Goltz, Freusberg, and Ewald. 1 These writers demonstrated that in dogs, after the

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had tried the drug with four cases of chronic catarrhal con-

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to lieiielit the whole community hy supplying it with a class

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an insane asylum, if it was possible to care for them outside.

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5. The examinations will be conducted by printed questions,

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there is in this a natural tendency to healing, which takes

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vascularity of the tissue, in virtue of which the healing power of wounds

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strange expression, the eyes stand prominent, the features contract, the

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