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many communicating branches between this and the cerebrospinal

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heard. There were increased restlessness, groaning, difficult, yet not very

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considering that the disease may present at various

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despite the frequent contributions to it. This is natural,

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there be reasonable ground for suspicion that the deceased

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aorta, you had better consult a paper on this subject by M. Oliailly

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to try and advocate some important scientific way of putting

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)|)erative and mechanical means, very little benefit

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of medicine, or general pathology, will form the First Part of the work,

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and injection of the conjunctiva, but nothing more. -Another

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month of the acute MI. Another 5 patients (8%) died before

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tion of the hip-joint showing an immense accumulation

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which that of Egypt had an affinity, the word heve or

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their cure. The kinds of dise.isc, too, are altered for the

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certain that matters of public health and the wellbeing of the

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Pfeiffer has given of the pneumonia caused by influenza bacilli. It is

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in Volume xiv of Nothnagel's Specielle Pathologie and Therapie (just

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generalized disease and that the facets of the ill-

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progress since I had first seen him. Upon being ques-

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some primary disease. The question of obesity, either general and

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by allowing the escape of the "vital fluid." This gave

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ulcerations. I hold that these ulcerations were not situated in Peyer's plates

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stage of cholera. It was used with great success in the Paris

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tioned grounds. Nor, perhaps, would it be proper to give

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stopped usually by pressure and the application of cold water. Make

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at least, it can be removed by operation. The operation for uterine

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excellent health he died thin and anaemic, and with a

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have always been almost white. At this time he developed

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aided by the .r-ray examinations, that prevented them

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osteoid growth occurs. His conclusions arc, that true ossification has only

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than in former days. Among those of the medical profession who

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