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with high fever can have their temperature reduced to the desired level

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based solely upon laboratory experiments should be accepted

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to L' Lnum Medicate a case of an infant born with teeth;

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filth, but the disease may originate in frost-bite, grease,

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brought into intimate relation with the tissues of the organ, as

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Outlines of the History of Medicine and the Medical Profession.

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of the day, food being retained until the subsequent meal, but the stomach

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take to it. The law has been on the statute books since 1890

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Practical Examples in QuantitatiYe Analysis.^ — We have read

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the vagina. Dr. Eoberts thought tliat if the uterus was definitely " suspect "

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for they only inoculated five or six times, while modern

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The nervous troubles are sometimes revealed by paralysis, which com-

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quire whether their occurrence can be avoided : also what

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Montgomery, from Mecklenburg, and I said, "Montgomery, you made

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rect communication between the stomach above and the

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most of these no student is admitted to the study of Theo-

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expressly to mothers, but conveyed in the form of so many

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ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS — State Board Certificate. 1st Grade High School work. Two years' specified work In Physics, Chemistry

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fingers, a pulsation, with evident expansion, is felt in all parts

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of an essentially thyroid origin of Graves' disease, and

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also exhibited an Introducer for Sponge Tents. This

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visceral, and not the parietal pleura, including the azygos veins.

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fermentations possessing industrial importance (beer, wine, etc.). It is

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an insular cirrhosis with diffuse parenchymatous hepatitis, and an

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aiicos, which may \h' iiiarticuhitc. sometimes resemhh'ng the bark of a (Inp,

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^_^^^^_^^^^__^-_|^-___«^^^^~|»«_«u««m JMMUHM^H

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eye well, except lachrymation and pliotojjhobia, when right is afl'ected.

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peritonitis, and other morbid conditions, enough menstrual flow each month to stain

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give a dose of ergot, which will almost in every case

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Etiology. — Women are more commonly affected than

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concise to be within the compass of the time-pressed student or busy prac-

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tendons down. Sometimes a slight teno-synovitis seems

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22. Mikulicz pack to procure adhesions after failure to find an aliscess 77

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