Is Naproxen Sodium Comparable To Etodolac

that tTe embryos entered the blood via the intestme, and so passed

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whenever the accident occurs. This treatment is said to

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g^eat, but the authors have perfected an arrangement which is

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Mr. B. CLARK'S PULVIS UTILIS, as a vehicle for otJier

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in bulk and organized. This is the case except in those

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Two cases of peritonitis were explored, and no cause

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tion with the vital movements of the population.]; As in Massa-

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So far as we have been able to see anything of their

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procedure, and devised a very comprehensive set of cards,

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is greatly increased, so that the fraction may fall lus low as


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found what he terms a " spastic tumor of the pyloric sphincter "

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Britain at the end of July ; in the early winter it swept southward into

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diphtheria, 2 — dropsy, 3 — dropsy of the brain, 6 — drowned, 1 — dysentery, 1 — er^-siiielas, 1

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was after Tesla's original experiments and the experimental

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of Medicine, March, 18r>2. Prof. Smith, in this article, gives a summary of facts

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,i!c in addition suffering from shuck, lucmorrhage, fatigue, and toxxmia.

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As far as possible, the sutures should cross the wound at

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(commonly the ragweed), and by avoiding this can avoid the

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tion tli^re were several ulcerations producing cavities.

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be logical to suppose that the same conditions existed in these cases

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should choose the longer bones as having the smaller co-

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fed cattle, when the attack has appeared and advanced gradually,

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some spirit its claims as the best method for reducing

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injury. Abscesses thus formed have not, it is stated,

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and foul, but clean ond rosy; the breath no longer bad,

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that the upper half of the affected side is resonant, the

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in mind, and all massage motions are to be made in the same direction. Thb

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of 100, and about 60 were in attendance. On the first even-

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was dilated at the instant of coughing. In some cases, however, the tone is

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did his feelings deceive him, for he could endure the apparatus but two hours,

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within comparatively wide limits, and thus of regulating to a considerable

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has been performed it seems that a somewhat greater effect is

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We know of none in our language, or any other, so comprehensive in its details. London Lancet.

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trophied prostate, and also in intrapelvic tumors; these conditions

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A Text-book of the Diseases of Women. By Henry J. Garrigues, A.M., M.D. . 581

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early diabetes always ends in recovery. Two or three weeks, or perhaps

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sometimes a bony bridge; and in one-third of the cases

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forceps in various obstetric schools in this country and on the

is naproxen sodium comparable to etodolac

neck of the bladder is incised only enough to admit the

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Dr. Otto Juettner, of Cincinnati, reports the following as the best treatment in

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