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fixed relation to the size of the heart and any conclusions drawn from a

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only after a preceding dilution. Moreover, in view of the small quantities of blood

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reached in which both act as depressants of respiration. A

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of intention to destroy life, but the nature cf the wound, as well as the

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tension. All being ready the tube is turned on for a second or two

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just mentioned, possess an appendix vermiformis, al-

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gether and the patient was able to close his eyes by

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he believed that there was an error somewhere, or else that the

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nitric acid ; nitrate of magnesia keeps some of the urea dissolved

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members had found honofit from arsenic in similar cases — or was the cure due

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that the eighth intercostal space be utilized ; Witzel

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of application of instruments which have since been usually

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all in which perceptible bad effect was produced, or

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accordingly considered by the Government of the country unnecessary and

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As I had lately seen some instances in which this agent

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ill one after another until all have suffered ; on the other

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I plan to submit the following entry or entries for the 1963 MEDICAL ART SALON at the Milwaukee

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could with much more safety be washed ; but as this

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abundant precipitation of " pink lithates " being looked upon as

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disease. An epizootic of rabies raged amongst foxes from 1803

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leaves httle room for doubt that in this country infectious diarrhea of

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in crowded or badly ventilated school-rooms. Possibly they

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A tumor about the size of a walnut on a baby's eyebrow, is

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ful of well browned flour, and five or ten drops of pare-

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States, on receipt of the priee. Catalogues forwarded on apiilication.

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ars : " Who knows, some day, perhaps, this our beauti-

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It has long been clear to every observant physician who has

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causes, diagnosis, local distribution, treatment and classification. This broad

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Stenosis. — Pawinski says that he has been unable to find in literature any

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lung disease. On histologic examination, the lungs dis-

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*Written by Doris Stensland from her book of poems entitled On

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the tissues of the septum, spurs and general thickening..

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breast should be advised and if necessary urged to submit to a thor-

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inal walls, and this growth is undoubtedly the cause of the hemorrhage.

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has held for the past ten years, and offers him its best thanks

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due to perimetritic nodules. He had demonstrated it in

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animal round its vertebral axis. The direction of these movements has

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