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the rest of the posterior part of the pubic segment, moves in the

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colored heart muscle. In his own uncomplicated cases, this author had

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was no doubt. But so were Christianity and Mohammedanism,

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There are several COMT -inhibitors in various stages

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" 8th. The opening of the glottis is effected through the agency of the supe-

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ing between different kinds of white corpuscles, but it is mainly to

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my last visit to him in January, 1898, when I carefully

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profession that they have at once and of one accord accepted

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a surprising number of operators. The secret was sold from

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The progress of purulent effusion is probably not dissimilar

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whitish color, and infiltrated as it were with pus ; the two mucous folds

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stain is to be preferred. The specimen should be covered with the solution

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tory according to the })resence or absence of metastatic suppurations.

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sions may be made to Ceres and many other small places by

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In the treatment, WQ must lay principal stress upon the general man-

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1. Clindamycin and metronidazole are the most effective

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sis, 1 — ha^moiThagc (from the navel), 1— disease of the heart, 2— infintile disease, 4 — inflam-

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physician, and it is needless to say that such fledglings were

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infection, so far as the sick or their discha^ces can propagate

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and bj- affording immediate relief to many symptoms, gives the patient a

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the sick; or in a well-ventilated hospital to the other patients in the same

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anything new is the use of ether or chloroform. In the one case I have

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used, and not to lay special stress on the identity of the two diseases.

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passage through the portal system. If a small opening be made

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son to rest undisturbed during a whole night. — London Med. Gaz„

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in his list of artcles which he considers useful, but not of the most

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standard of district nursing throughout the kingdom by efficient inspection of the

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efifect of alcohol is to produce a condition almost approaching

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Thanking the Class of 1978 for your patronage and wishing you every success.

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completely destroyed. Farther out the fibers are readily seen, but they are

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will have to be administered, the quality of the food being at

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