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injury." She made a sign to the servant, and then addressed the sick

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Aesculapius in Marius the Epicurean evokes visions of a

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of pleurotomy, I will report a case which developed very rap-

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(3) Spirochaeta pallida present — Wass. -|- & -1- (stronger) after

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ment, and that hence their absorption may increase jaundice if it do not

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The diagnosis of hydro-peritoneum is generally made without difficoltj

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it is subsequently taken away aud absorbed, leaving

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difficult of interpretation. No energy is set free in their oxidation; yet

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which, while not conflicting with the Institute sessions, will

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Dr. Whitman recalled a case similar to that of Dr. Townsend. A

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such could be eliminated ; its place being supplied by

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such patients must not be handled nor bruised, but kept in a

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often followed by abortion. Pregnancy is followed by an aggravation of

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[t is most commonly used in the syphilides. In hard chancre it

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Jlitchell, Robert Nathaniel, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., New Cross, Kent

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Dr. Macdonald — I might read to you Dr. Roddick's telegram, from Montreal, which I

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persons had died at the fields. The average number of deaths

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a malady which had been long impending, because it happened to

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strip, at about the middle of its length. The wide and narrow

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the casts which have been described. The presence of tbef

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It is apparent from these cases that we cannot foretell from

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Also, in: Ibid., 8°, Loud., 1837, 34-44.— Simpson (J. Y.)

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them and be exposed to the same risks without having the stimulus of

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into a prominent hairless spot. This is called the pointing of

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there is, in this form of diarrhoea, a dry, harsh skin, with

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supplied the export butter trade of 1902. Against this development

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vascular tissues, which can adequately explain the profound morbid appear-

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But liow many babies were admitted under a year, of wliom

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table that the early deaths were caused by concussion, contusion, and compres-

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which are peculiar to the sex, namely, pregnancy, lactation and menorrhagia.

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to drain the Pontine Marshes; sanitary officials and

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pyloric end of the stomach, and that the greatly dilated cardiac

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Arbor, on " Phthisis." Dr. H. O. Walker, of Detroit, con-

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