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for the stretcbiog of faecia io al) instances should be
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surgery, the clear anatomical descriptions, the applica-
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condition of the nervous system which, for want of a better name,
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Cardine was claimed to show remarkable results in the treatment of heart
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jects of a long-standing malarial infection. Cases of primary and of
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Article I.— In the discussion and disposition of all business coming
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1. The highly stimulating practice of Drs. Miner and North, by means
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infusion of yellow flowers and saffron for jaundice, an
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this line of feeding, many contributions were made to the
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io\ elty of Dr. Pfaff's suggestion consists simply in fixing the age of the stain
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and glaucoma there is no hypersecretion of mucus, bul there is
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point at the base of the triangle. The closure of the
who sells cbd oil for dogs near me
with a very high degree of myopia and choroidal alterations. Globe ex-
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blue containing a variable amount of the methylene azure, to which
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Guy's for seven years showed that there were only 3 deaths from mitral
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la sapliJiiie interne e.t do la feinorale consecutive a uiie
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contrary, by pathologists, that abundant and i * ♦ * *
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deep prickings with a pin can be felt in the little toe."
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Provisional Council was ap]K)inted to re-district the state.
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sured twenty- five inches in circumference when treat-
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[/fiat a/> Som at SaJluraturi e<mie$ tn ReaJoru
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was repeated often without causing the slightest motion in
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I made up my mind that the patient, who was himself a physician,
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this surgical procedure would to my mind be a most unsurgical and
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It appears to be favored by bad hygienic surroundings.
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looked like porter. A cystoscopic examination of the bladder
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and says that it is necessary to take antiseptic precau-
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and 19Q were females. External influences pertaining to season play*
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their locum tenens ad interim. Thus a Tebtunis papyrus of a.d. 189
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