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remittent or continued fever, yet it often happens that the presence of the

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in itself. The young proglottides or joints — that is, those nearest the

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dicial to flietp as their being laid wet. On this ac-

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cases, but the disease is too often an unrecognized renal or vesical

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prove it to be slightly altered haemoglobin, derived, doubtless, from the

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gummata in early stages, fibrosis is essentially an old or chronic lesion.

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wards, i.e. kyphosis, affecting the whole dorso-lumbar region. In older

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,__,& ftate horfe, 55- Ina ftone-horfe, ibid. In a hunter, ibid.

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"respiratory epithelium" through which oxygen is taken up into the

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12 per cent, of all individuals show the lesions of syphilis. Unsuspected

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mentioned make their appearance. On account of the deficiency of

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in the course of the disease to get impaired mobility of the vocal cords.

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which may be obtained from any chemist. For wiping the mouth, a rag

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increasing interest. In fact, tiiev arc of immediate importance.

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change independently of excavation. It is not unusual when making post-

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time, on account of the great attention being given to foods, call

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