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times mistaken for it is called Erythema Nodosum. This affection
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MacLowry, J. D. : Prevention of radiation nephritis with renal artery
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for his great coolness under heavy fire but for his soldierly ag-
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and he thinks very highly of it in eczema in 50 per
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Treatment. — In the mildest forms of small-pox medicinal treatment
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cancer'quack, who applied a caustic, and the resulting
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not for a week, but the quantity of retained urine should be
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Long thoracic nerve. — ^Isolated paralysis of this nerve is rare. Stein-
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was always more definitely positive and therefore easier to read
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with gauze, and the patient put to bed. At 2 p.m. I
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Russia has not fared so well. While the epidemic in
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vol. xxix. p. 824.-68. Nettleship. Trans. Ophth. Soc. 1883, vol. iii. p. 227.-69.
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The first specimen was removed December 19th by abdominal
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?. We see by our late journals that the meeting was largely
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of feet is desirable, though not absolutely necessary.
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after examination by a medical examining board appointed under
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endeavours now to establish the respective ^ have followed such exposure,
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other two lots keeping level for a long time. Toward December the seaside
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lie was several times shown at meetings of medical societies. His symptoms
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acnefree cleansing brush review
talked of for the L'niversity of London might be added the

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