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and after . receiving his medical degree studied in Paris and

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no tenderness. There is danger of detachment of the clot and

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while it would decidedly object to the patient being sent

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nized branches into which the science and art of medicine are

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stated that tetanus is such a rare complication of abdominal

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tion of which had been closed with interrupted silkworm-g^t

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7 patients cured or improved in 16 similar cases operated on.

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Notes on Recent Cases of Extragenital Chancres. L. Duncan

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Weltmer and Kelly, the "absent" healers of Nevada, who

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branous urethra being cut through the apex of the prostate at

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weeks after desquamation, is something that without

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the muscles often develops more quickly than could be attrib-

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public assembly place othrr than streets, sidewalks or parks is

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of cocain as a means of performing such operations as kelotomy

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as well. The most scrupulous attention to every detail

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sides counting and studying the peripheral blood: 1, to iwder-

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tients evidently recovered. In one case in particular,

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relatively too much of the fuel ingredients of food —

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tion, and running from the fundus to the anterior abdominal

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classic disorder first fully described by Sydenham,

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ures against diseased foods that has probably ever been insti-

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This simple aqueous solution is aseptic, as tests at the Berlin

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quired. The general opinion is that it is a neurosis due to'

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16-23, 1 case ; San Francisco, March 23-30, 7 cases.

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excellent. The whole of the affected skin surface should be

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a hernia which became irreducible. Herniotomy was performed

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this Ramsey County (St. Paul) Medical Society, Lowry Arcade,

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India: Bombay, March 5-12, 10 deaths: Calcutta, March 2-9, 8S

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Association shall be Secretary of this Association.

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ance of the work of the laboratory. -d by VjLJVJV IWl

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was found below normal. In some cases it went down to 31,

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will be re-employed who furnishes any such abstract to any

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At this point some confusion arose as to what disposition

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of the skin with subsequent tenderness and possibly neuralgia.

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after the last injection 10 c.c. were transfused, the ordinary

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Showing the proliferating spindle-shaped tumor cells, taking their

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position with its placenta in front of it completely covering

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