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will be held in Lisbon from April 19 to 26, 1906, has written asking for the

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found three large fibrinous clots. The small intestines are glued together by numerous

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by causing contraction of the small arteries, and, in this way, to be useful.

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was abnormally high, being 108, and after the death of the child it

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When the general neurotic phenomena are more important than

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for their care during convalescence, and the discharged

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days to a maximum of ninety-two. The appearance of the

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blockers, are now routinely used to combat the effects of

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When the patient lay on her left side the whole tumour fell towards

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normal and pulse 90 with good volume, 10 cc. of serum was

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cipitation of calcium is prevented by the colloids, no matter how com-

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quito bites is a plausible means of imparting, without

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intermediate drink, but the drink iirecedes the last meal ; and, there-

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to blindness, it is generally supposed that pustules form on the

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occupying the sella turcica and covering half of the left mid-

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of the contiguous parts, oesophagus, throat, or upper respiratory- passages.

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addressed to the Editors of Tub American Practioner and News, Louisville, Ky.

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affects females than males, particularly the unmarried. Those

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ported by 9.6% of patients; the majority of headaches were

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uch as acute disseminated lupus erythematosus, acute pemphigus, extensive

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in the daily diet of a healthy man. You will not be long in

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lance drills are given to all distmguished foreigners. The

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x-rays until the lymphocytes had decreased to 878 per c.mm. The animal had

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English and American publications to which I have had access do not

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alcohol is readily assimilated, whUe ordinary foods can only

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in its details, and if carried out it will prevent the employment of

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•mornens de la declaration des accfdcns, interrompte toute communica-

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in their train. They represent to a very great extent

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the occurrence of tlie phasedajnic ulceration ; and the

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to cure a fever, so, in many malarials, depressing in-

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son Alexander, subsequently the Great, by whom he was

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once seems erroneous. The only basis on which an immedi-

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thetic nervous system activity, and impaired heat loss from

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