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discoveries in treatment; illustrated with niiniei-
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lead to the general impoverishment of the blood and
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they were able to attain superior physical development,
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obtaining a firm grasp of the patient, and when this was obtained, he per
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termed congestion is never very strongly marked ; this is in all
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disease exclusively to the brain. The deduction, apparently simple,
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has been able to grasphis suViject in its entirety,
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number of military cases, 32, occurred in the west-
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may persist for several days. The patient often passes not only gravel, but
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handed. It is seldom necessary to cast the animal. The horny
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Beporter, sjDeaking of the discussion on cholera in
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periments. Compounds of chlorine, bromine, and iodine ; salts
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of microscopic examinations of the blood of tuberculous individuals,
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tinually sniffs, and this symptom appears to be a very constant
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in their report that some of the experiments were made npon
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and leucorrhcea, but these had never even been asked after.
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beneath the liver ; breech in left iliac region. Fcetal heart was
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Db. Welch, of Maryland : Yes. If they could not attend, ap-
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candidates passed the first part of the examination: — Joseph
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to resume his ))rofessional labours, and was returned to duty on the 31st
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relates to the burying of cattle and hides near residences, and
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standard is an oblong chamber of briass on each end
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1. Of the danger. — It seems to me that to make a clean
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births, all county-wise, and also the nationality of parents. These
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sponges the mucus as it was coughed up from the bronchi or
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have already stated more fully in Part I. ("Ancient
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1 Davis: Amek. Joukn. of the Med. Sci., Feb., 1894, vol. cvii. p. 147.
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hended the whole history of the invasion. In 1828, there were ten
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not appear to be uniformly increased in inflammation, as fibrin is. It has
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coming so far they must be taken into the hospital. Similarly other
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We must be careful not to confuse the diaphragm phenomenon with two other
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23. Chester County Historical Society, courtesy, Miss

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