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plegia of the limbs, and presents the following characters : The face is
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WRMP recommends continued support for the Burn Care
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lary fossa. From the resonance of the cry little is to be learned, and the souffle
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UOS: Utah Ophthaimological Society, 540 E 500 South. Salt Lake City
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the>^ have well supported their belief with experiments.
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Dr. Chad wick and Dr. J. B. Hall were strongly in favor of the method
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afford valuable aid. Again, cystoscopic examination or the use of the sepa-
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the Encyclopedic Methodique. This writer states that he
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which this agent is believed to produce when early and judiciously
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same tendency to hemorrhage as the other mucous surfaces. Women
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of confidence, he was willing to make any reasonable concessions.
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time he was just over 70 years of age, but full of vigour.
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whether he has had any experience or not, and often to trust an important
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and physician. In short, fertility implies fecundity, and also introduces
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one — every man being permitted to act according to
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sure death if it is once well established," Hence the advice to interfere
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The medical press of the U. States is respectfully requested to copy the foregoing.
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M according to law, and not condemned contrary to law.
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Turner has very fully reported another {Ed. Med. Jour., January,
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opposed an obstacle to the introduction of an artificial eye. The
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Dr. R. W. Miller: There is a popular notion that the banana is very osisy of
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man (M.) Inverted typhoid fever. Ibid., 1898, liv, 420-
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uncomfortable feelincrs in the head, and particularly of a sense of
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ammonia — that is to say, tire albuminous substances probably partially
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tractions immediately take place in the corresponding muscles. In this case, therefore,
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eight days. During all of this period decompensation was marked, while at
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from the spine of the scapula to the base ; pulse is
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ried woman, the birth and development of a child in all
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in employing antivenins. There are several different kinds of

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