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cocci. The colonies are clear, round, and discrete. (5) Friedlander's bacillus.

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prolonged and deep anaesthesia. The same results have been

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31 . Wolfe JW, Engelken EJ. Olson JE: Low-frequency harmonic acceleration in

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making in all ten violent convulsions during the twelve hours that elapsed

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antiseptic dressings, namely, a wad, two to four inches thick, of Lister's

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AMA Delegates and Alternates’ terms of office are on a calendar

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good and who manifests symptoms just detailed above.

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It is not always easy to distinguish between the soft chancre which

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is then put around the animal to help support the stitches ; see

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Secretary, Henry Enos Tuley, M. D., re-elected, Louis-

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antimony, to which even the arsenical stain has so great a resem-

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diagnosis of typhoid often being made at the onset of tuberculosis.

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Carter H. Harrison, Drs. James F. Todd, Willis 0. Nance,

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"curiously and deeply indented by numerous transverse furrows, probably

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This term is ajiplied to the prolapse of the bladder

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it, that is, the concentration of urea in the blood, the rate of excretion

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1 he first part of this book, extending ,„^„,,„/,ts perusal to thog^ interested

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manent change took place shortly after her return, and on being visited

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eye reduces its color-sensations to three, and analyzes { in white atrophy — that is, tlie blood supply to the op-

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MEDPARD will increase patient volume. The physician should also recognize that in signing a participation

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of writing, which was incised and curetted three and a half

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or enunciation, and fubftituting mutes of analogous powers, I

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pointing out that the average dietary of the great mass of the

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ited ; the temperature is elevated; iu most cases it is a

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larger of which is the head. At the end of the fifth

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which has not been usually sulliciently considered.

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anemia which we see clinically after the loss of small amounts

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Part I. Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Abrus to Zingiber. (Alphabeti-

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become large, bluut conical nodules ', the second or third dav these

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little restrained, are allowed to do pretty much as they please ; where personal

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keynote, and I agree with the essayist thoroughly on that point,

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may be due to aneurism, or cancer, or to some distant

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