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cauterization, the use of astringents, and eSbrts at mechanical displacement
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opening being protected by wire gauze, the supply of air
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cholera had been in the States, yet as it had reached
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of huge doses of the carbonates of soda. If alkalies are indicated
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Saumaise 8 thought he did. Sprengel is angry at the
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disease which should be treated on general principles.
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fibroids, and ovarian tumours, which are almost exclusively of
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tion of a neuritis preventing dietary. Digitized by L^OOglC
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pathology, he was at a loss to form an adequate understanding.
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tissue. The meshes are, according to Schtippel, filled by
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Dr. Herman M. Biggs: There is no question but that these cases
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supplied by the contaminated water ; the dead animal tissue
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â– truetures in the case of wounds uhieh have healed by secondary intention
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to tuberculous disease of the lungs is 29.6 years. When cases of
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of instruments in obstetric practice, both mother and child
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allowed fresh meat and greens every day, with porter, every article of
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and in one of these a careful measurement had shown that
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suspended in 2 c.c. of bouillon. Slight area of induration appeared about the
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mastoid skin wound is closely stitched and a careful pack-
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culty ; the bladder having been distended to its utmost ca-
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nothmg antagonistic between this Society and the Ameri-
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Europeans on the West Coast of Africa as a name for several ill-defined
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circumscribed flush on the cheek which are so diaracteristic of typhoid
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and the external condyle of the femur resting upon the inner
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bleeding and infiltrated tissues. Exceptional cases do arise,
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scious, was breathing quietly, at times suggesting Cheyne-Stokes breathing.
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seems to have been away from, the production of the man trained, we may
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(Klob, Pathologische Anatomie der Weiblichen Sexualorgane, s. 209.)
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intended to appear as a party against Dr. Waters. It
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to secure the goodness and purity of any article is to pay the
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named at first, I prefer to give it that name. It isj how-
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An interesting question is also suggested by this case, theoretical in the
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On removing the tourniquet and compress, the color, force and quan-
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Like the axis-cylinder, that portion of the neuron which comprises
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The showing made by the distinguished surgeon is indeed very satis

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