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lodoformum (Iodoform). A yellow powder \vith a peculiar,

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ligence, depends upon the functional integrity of the

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45B. 21-'-'B. — Clarke (W.B.) Gangrene after typhoid fe-

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contained forty-three cubic centimeters of fluid there has been no

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Circulars were sent out, as usual, to the physicians. In these cir-

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know how he came to his conclusion that heat is life, and that it is one

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E. AV., aged 27, butcher. In 1910 the patient first noticed faihu-e

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the patient's strength. In the milder dyspeptic diarrhoeas the prompt

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An artist who was fiiiplovi'd to rctoucli soinc paintings in an old cliiiri-li in

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scopic examination of the injected capillaries of the mucous membrane of the

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books ephedrine is prescribed for long periods of use. A Chinese

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their cure. The kinds of dise.isc, too, are altered for the

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* Ziemssen's " Cyclopnedia," vol. xvii, article " Haemophilia."

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has been stated to favor delayed union, because sunlight and exposure

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first draught or two may be rejected, it will soon be

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on the quickness of physical reaction nor on the tempera-

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interrupted by numerous small bodies, called ganglions.

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ing relief. Surely the brain surgeon need have no fear of seeing

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of a joint tcill limit the lesion of all the tissues, however severe, notwith-

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