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" If the occasional tenderness of these lines could have been

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may be passed in silence. Most of them I have tried in vain, as well as

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secondary manifestation. I, however, think that it would be

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portion of the drum-head remained, with a view roainlj to

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muscularis are found septa of a finely granular connective tissue, rich in elastic fibers. In

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shall see that there is more than one reason why this use of the term is

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spirits, or in the possibility of "possession," there, under a variety of

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The second paper was read by Dr. Carl Crisand, of Worcester,

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I feel that something should be done to protect modern women

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duration of the inspiratory and expiratory acts, whieb

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greater chance for living, would in my mind be unjustifiable. When the

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he considered a strong argument against the possible

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seaside places, have found serious illness, and not in-

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vasion of the muscle depends upon the existence of deep adhesions of

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taking. In all parts of Europe, as well as America, women are

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M. Reynaud refers the seat of obliteration to the superior lobe.<,

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coming, each week, under the care of those gentlemen

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will provide a much happier verdict. The aura — the

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regulator a turbidity appeared immediately which gave rise to more or less

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mulations of fat in the torso and lower extremities. More

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have acceded without demur to the demands made upon

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efforts at rational treatment should be directed to improving these,

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stacle is deformities of the spine. He never injects

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Napoleon III had an immense influence upon the surgery of the

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without underftanding in what circumftances, or why it was

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inspection may never meet the fate of compulsory vaccination.

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solution before use. They should be destroyed after having been used once.

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Street, N. W. ; John S. Billings, M.D., Army Medical

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this time, however, she complained of a sense of heat,

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Although I have removed a very large number of pros-

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