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some experiments with it on animals. It was again brought before the
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In countries like Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, and England,
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parenchymatous haemorrhage. A few deep and superficial cat*
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lessness. In any given case we must try to estimate
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of Physiology " are disposed of in less than three pages. In these
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— (1) The salts of cinchonidin are as efficacious as
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projection into the floor of the bladder. The bladder was
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differentiation between the epiblastic and mesoblastic glia cells. The
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some substance which has this power of checking putre-
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the substances which form the organs, out of which they
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tions a case which goes far to establish such a view. A person had been
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may be used in greater or less proportion according to the season
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sutured with interrupted stitches to prevent spreading of the wound,
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I am through with Doctor Squills ; if Pain-Killer can't cure
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last night, but this ceased on taking morph. sulph. ] gr. Coughing
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of these symptoms has any particular uniformity or value. It may be
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civilisation. To this must be added the circumstance that
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lated, and on the race, which, through Jenner's dis-
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of all cattle and dead meat exported should be made,
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enormous mortality from phthisis and the affections allied to it, I cannot
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also be indicated in such extreme cases, ^^^ to ^'^ of the
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paratus, was first described by Lauth in 1835, and his
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ganglion; also because the fifth pair has an intimate
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and less frequently friction-sounds also during forced breathing.
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characterised by profuse watery discharge from the nose, must be distin-
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afterwards rinse in cold water. The clothes may not ap-
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watched this ease with some solicitude, and as the rest of the family
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not find a large number or parasites, but we see the traces of a pro-
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arteries to the internal parts of the lungs ; and that other sustinent veins ramify
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eration has failed to develop. Such tubules are filled with necrotic
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operations in private practice. Instruction will be given by examinations and lectures in the interval
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though I could only possibly be at one I have learned

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