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their strength and senses going quite from them. Sometimes

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On or about that day he had been examined for the Federal Life

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Symptoms and progress. The early symptoms of catarrhal mflamma

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trs of age made a perfect recovery and ten months after

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dressing station and field hospital. The ambulance hospital

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ers we have learned to accept with reserve yet with tin

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Medical Association. If you qualify for resident membership

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To this were added two drops of lactic acid the solution

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ter or is mixed with blood and of very disagreeable

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Hammarberg and Campbell are low probably owing to the

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Gloucester Newburyport Haverhill Lawrence Lowell Lynn Boston

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terest in the outcome of the case must concur in the

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glands on smaller curvature enlarged pigmented. More or less hypersBmia and

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alcoholic preparations is productive of the most serious derangements of

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dox that patients labouring under blenorrhagia or primary secondary er

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directly dependent on it. Before leaving the subject however it is

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venient pocket companion of nearly printed pages with blank leaves

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were no kernels in the axillse and the general health

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A fourteen year old girl of healthy parentage quite healthy in child

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ness over the caecal region more precisely perhaps at the so called

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For a general discussion of the subject of military orthopedics

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walnut. The masseter muscle though it had long been out of use seemed

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animals and the author looks upon the presence of this matter in any

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the author stated the following conclusions might be drawn. In none

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that we mnst attribute the general acquiescence in anatomy

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tinence of urine in consequence of congenital phimo

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North District Morgue and of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

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heart its healthy second sound being produced and that

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one hundrcdjdollars for the best dissertation on the question Does preg

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general perversion of all these functions. Our answer is

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dayes do kepe their holydayes amp where be they that doth vse any

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until the June meeting when Dr. Spring being present the un

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accurate record. The youngest were two boys of four.

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troops in their thick red coats leathered necks and

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