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maintain their normal pearly lustre throughout. The phenomena above

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lihe " tnagii^ rods " of European invention to the modern

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view of the under side of the foot part of the dress.

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.-'•M!:crc-^i--*rOforJr— rcsoTt<(M-fcitirc-^«>Tf,-i^oifO<o

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"Amputation of the arm in its upper third was necessary in this case, owing

bextra class action lawsuit

— The Surgical Notes of the War in the East, by William MacCormac,

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from thirteen to fifteen daj's from infection to eruption. Possibly the

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societies, the number of cases in which an autopsy is obtained

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5. Vessels and Nerves of the Ligaments and Fihro-Cartilages. — M. Sappey,

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Nov. 23, 1835. lie had been in practice in this place for several years,

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no pain. These experiences of Wells and Marcy occurred

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and there would be no reason for the variation in the ventricular

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was also desirable to ascertain its action upon human beings.

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directed the woman's mind, so long habituated to disease impressions,

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projecting nails at the head of the bed, these lacerations might have arisen from


paralysis, has already been noted, and the possibility of the virus

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G. The lower limit of liver "dulness" made out during arrested deep inspiration with the hody Dent

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tongue furred, temperature 106, no recollection of a discharge from the ear,

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now considered the more prominent influences that have been

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published August 19, can escape the conviction that

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also from chronic interstitial pneumonia, various terms are used, such as,

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gestion of Prof. Knapp, and, besides a careful resume of what has been pre-

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flank, which, after Jiearing the history, she attributed

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Still, cases had been known which became chronic. From the point of view

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and remained for some time, under the impression that the couples seen

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The second paper was read by Dr. Carl Crisand, of Worcester,

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tants. Three thousand eight hundred and thirty-four pupils were en-

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