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Dispensary, in a child of six years, who had turned. After the second sitting of the same
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instance of septic meningitis in which, after turbid
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it always takes away a “right” from someone else. Because
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mild and rare. In colder latitudes it is active only
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records in Chinese literature point back to its existence
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extension very often corresponding to the limits of one or more,
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considerable shock within a very short time, but quick assistance
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tent medical officers for the survivors of our lost cause will
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great diflSculties encountered in the study of vital chemistry ;
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gums, or the withdrawal of offending teeth, may very possibly be
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three centimetres in diameter, which contains a large clot
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practice without a question as to their soundness or their
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more potent than those to which my remarks especially refer,
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tion, criticism, and co-operation of every practising medical man. The
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In the diffuse the blood becomes extravasated in the tissues,
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0.285 for men with positive biopsy results and 0.199 for
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adults that phthalein excretion was not decreased except
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to have recourse a third time to calomel, which was
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the observation itself is in that respect fallacious, inasmuch as,
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Another case occurred in a little child living a few
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the hearing is lost during the first years of life, before language and
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these preemies, but only $500 per pregnancy to provide
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ourselves authorized to make such a change, being unable, as yet, to elevate our hypothesU
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also called especial attention to the presence of ei)igastric
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limbs, lassitude and looseness of the bowels. During the
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impetus in certain parts, and more especially in central China.^
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fresh water is the beverage par excellence for all the
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exceptional. I offer no explanation, only to simply
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he first heard the teachings of those mighty minds who have since passed
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orange springing from the posterior wall of the transverse portion of the
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tic liyperaMuia exists in the meatus it will be tilled by
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he took a little more than usual. Was soon attacked with dizziness, a sen-
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jugate deviation of the eyes. It is obvious, from this analysis, that neither
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son, commending this action, it was moved and carried that "a vote of thanks be
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greater part, however, being more or less gray and passing almost gradually
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to the eye. It is tender to touch per vaginam and on using the sound. The
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Two families, one living in town, the other at some dis-
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There are thus only three recorded cases of persons in good health

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