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thing with which this antiseptic has come in contact. The

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during convalescence, but not more so than anyone might be who had

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G. O., Ottawa, Ont. ; Shephard, H. M., London,* Ont. ; Shilling

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cent increase. Whatever tax is passed, it will proba-

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a state of actual decomposition into contact with other matter

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be conferred in the Faculty of NIcdicine, nor are any

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hood such as might be bestowed on an Arcountaut-General of

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of the eighteenth century, just after popular attention

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they feel that the desire of the medical profession

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Air Force medicine is one of our best benefits, The Air

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days to a maximum of ninety-two. The appearance of the

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be small to commence with, but soon progressively increased to

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valuable report on the treatment of the wounded in the most recent

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course followed. The numbing influence on the sensory

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The latest aim of physical examinations is to have them serve

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gradual dilatation with graduated instruments. A very large

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eases of Children ; T. Wesley Mills, M. A., M. D., Demon-

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effusion into the tunica propria, In consequence of which the testicle very

benzoyl peroxide body wash cvs

that committee, and thouglit therefore, it would be

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preschool population is malnourished to the first degree.

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ually on the brink of a precipice. There are three dif-

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due to pressure from increase in the surrounding connective tissue;

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this morning. The vesicle of vaccination has broken and partially dried into

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occurs frequently in children. It presents a rounded ma— of

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latter would of itself still further reduce the amount of conges-

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the pain that is induced in smaller chOdren by all active and passive

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hysterical symptoms, and though we suspected that it might be

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4.10. Doing very well ; spots are still making their appearance.

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