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associated merely by coincidence. It has doubtless been too much the

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up to the average in the interest of the proceedings. How

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not proved. The aural affections appear before the beginning of

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from the abscess. Secondly, it requires to be sealed up to pro-

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the utmost facility to the surgeon. I consider it in every re-

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enumbing effects of frost, and he adds that he had more than

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hot water f. |ij, and the nitrate of potassa and globules, and

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Prognosis. — Varicella is a benign affection. Convalescence is in the

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where normal bioplasm would perish, and able to interrupt the social

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especially on the genitalia, bacilli are found which resemble morphologically and

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which gradually degenerates into a foul ulcer, with hardened base

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Dr. L. H. Dunning, of Indianapolis, could not agree

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2. Is there sufficient evidence to prove the contagious

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treatment formerly in vogue, Dr. Tomlinson remarked that

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to operation) were — one from tubercular meningitis, seven from tubercular dis-

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These bars should be affixed to the sides before the vessel be

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Avas an army surgeon, and followed the wanderings of the Connaught

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were made, and of two dappled-winged examples reared from larvae

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soft — appetite and digestion improved — so also his general appearance.

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Let us graft our new truths on the old stock that they

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Washington Sanatorium and School of the Art of Attract-

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things is a question to be first solved before that remedial

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ence to resident Medical officers, but they regretted that he

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opinion is asked as to the presumption of survivorship. And

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