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smaller proportion from the "exogenous" purins of the food. It was
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Greenleaf, First Lieutenant Henry 8., assistant surgeon is relieved
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rate found constant, or practically so, for the preceding decades would
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finally culminated in an abscess. The child had not been exposed
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was, at least, doubtful. In 1863 Mr. Critchett brought the
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new, and the tables of co-operating muscles are for the most
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table, or a suggestion not found elsewhere which will throw
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by adhesive straps. The compress and bandage completed the dressings.
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Let us Help Those who Serve the Profession well 378
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mesogaster, and fits closely the whole curve of the duodenum much
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There are many familiar examples, as opium, alcohol, and the
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ment with a living germ, it is safe to say that the
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There are other cases in which the deformity of flat-
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drew the medium and replaced it by sterilized distilled
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9. Saul, E.: Ueber die Desinfektionsenergie siedender Alkohole, Arch. f. klin.
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rapidly. A period of ten seconds is not safe in some
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The other assurance" of Dr. Seaton is directly at variance
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the occurrence and diffusion of a great epidemic Com-
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and their friends as to management of individual cases. The importance
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small, spherical, non-motile, non-flagel!atc, non-spor-
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disease will not be communicated. A great many individuals who had
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fourth, and fifth interspaces to the left of the sternum. Tlie radial peise ii
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fested very plainly the action of the serum in retarding the vaccina-
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the soft palate was imperfectly raised, and the uvula turned somewhat
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with the catchment areas of the great rivers, from which many public
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the centre, and have a smooth non-granular surface. These syphilides are indo-
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found in the astigmatic eye, were for the purpose of reliev-
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supply and innervation, and of the physiology of the parts.

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