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be carefully noted ; in one well-marked instance intermittence of the pulse,
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The paralysis of the right foot gradually subsided. The heal-
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henceforward be so conducted as to test the acquirements of the students
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tials of Materia Medica," has furnished the student with a work
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his fellow-men, ever bearing with him, and oi)en to the derisive
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horizontal position, an altered discharge from vagina,
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eighteen various forms of cocci. It is interesting in connection with
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morbid anatomy ; but it reaches us sooner. For auscultation
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Bartholow derives the following conclusions : l In the majority of cases,
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by dilating the urethra sufficiently to enable me to get my little finger
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Recovery takes place after Caustic Poisons. Pathology and Symp-
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great deal of talk and scare among the laity, and some of the
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injuries of the antrum of Highmore. Parturient women frequently
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Physicians of Philadelphia, April 2, 1856. By Samuel L. Hollingsworth,
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the lymphatic glands are not enlarged, and the blood does not show
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vous substance, attraction or repulsion ensuing in each ultimate par-
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titication. Tr. vii. Internat. Cong. Hyg. <t Demog. 1891,
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applied plentifully to the scrotum for two months, with considerable fric-
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eases sometimes appear simultaneously, and each runs its course,
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of the solutions, the concentration of electrolyte at the electrodes and the
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is recorded, a meter of paper is required for each thirty seconds.
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of this product could thereby be reduced from 77 to only 58 per cent.
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accomplished all would be well, but remember that this class of cases
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fevers, and uraemia are frequently associated with convulsions.
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