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however, many instances of obscure and even of latent appendicitis, in

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Buch as sixty drops of laudanum with an ounce of brandy. The first danger

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ciently marked to attract the patient's attention. The first intimation of

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weeks in Glasgow is represented by what has been tentatively

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ing a beam of light through it In 1854 Schroeder and

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of the head of the pancreas, outgrowths from the liver, enlarged lymphatic

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Identity from the ree;A.— Observations carefully made on the state of the

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treatment institnted before the deformity has begun will prevent

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the hill cattle of many districts, and particularly amongst those

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rosal influences, plus all the possible causes that have already

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and may therefore prove to be among the viruses which

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The deformities which may result are most various. I

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such determination could be arrived at, our manufacturers

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seed of this wort, pounded and swallowed in water, is

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and most of them Avere in limited quantities; of pot herbs

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The occurrence of repeated attacks in the course of an hour

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the experimental cases on animals the liver w'as treated by the same

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cies ; and therefore we may conclude that it has never occurred, and is

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In this way the apices and mediastinal regions will ex-

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manded to sailing craft ? Could her business be con-

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gout, syphilis). Hassenfeld has shown that hypertrophy of the left ventricle

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reduced. Those which were present were due, no doubt,

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press the palm into close contact with the skin, the fingers being kept

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probable, that a good result may be obtained with free joint

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examples have fallen under my observation. In these cases the paroxysms

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so called, which is undoubtedly the rarest of all the terminations of ex-

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noting the free passage of blood from the arteries in the capillaries, and

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at a time. The possible danger of the nasal douche, which has pre-

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