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307; Agencies Available for the Application of Preventive

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If this case should originate a discussion which may tend to explode

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before pressure is applied, backed by the discovery of

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the worst cases of hyperchlorhydria there is probably a latent ulcer

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water, of which there is an unlimited supply, attracting many on account of

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selves through the kingdom, where they enjoy credit and con-

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calls attention in the first communication concerning his differential neuroglia

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1889, 1x1, 507-511. — Liangerfcldt. Efu iiberaiis rasche

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may vary from a few days to several weeks, the papule

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general anesthesia, but that is not according to his experience.

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divisions of the dispensary. Special instructors are available during certain hours to give

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ditions of the specific vaccine virus may be reduced to a liquid

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students merely listened to the instructor's remarks upon

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Watson, and probable domestic inntations, made him under passion nisli

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Dr. Wm. T. Benham 5 reports a very interesting case in which he made

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blasts, of the type of the large mononuclear leukocytes, are really


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tinal antiseptics were administered, but whether any advantage

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the structures as they are surgically identified. A neo-

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nobility of conception and beneficence of intention. Yet they appeal

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sembled each other. The studies of the effects pro-

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demonstrative attention. What lecturer is not familiar with

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the last hours of the dying year to reflections on his

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as a single blade of the forceps, the point carried fully over the

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and even then the patient did not feel especially ill until

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resolution where the temperature falls the blood count

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[Seal] R. A. Pyne, Registrar. Chairman Committee of the Whole.

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matous changes differing in degree in different parts, while in the muscle

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higher up. In treating diseases situated in the lower part of

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patient has received about ten injections, outside lunatic asylums. One is confront-.

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Under such discouraging circumstances it has made a

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but there was strong confused action of the heart, like what is often

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distressing sensation — and the demand for extraordinary respi-

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the prime of Ufe, with every fibre healthy ; some glorious

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smaller vessels and occasion exudations, was first shown by the experi-

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valleys produced more cases than other localities, nor

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