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Treatment is of no avail, although arsenic preparations have been recommended

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Fig. 12.— Weight losses. 20-pound Daisies. Paraffined.

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accurate diagnosis, should it not be everywhere insisted that such a

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who are seeking quiet and ease in transportation. After a

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surface of the condyles, and the stump thus made longer (Gritti's os-

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separately, but describing the latter minutely. He advocates

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When the disease is in the medulla oblongata there must almost neces-

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carhonate-free NaOH is then run in from a burette (preferably but

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step by step, the student being led from one step to another, just as in studying

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referring to the disease column, where the name of the disease,

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and examine with a microscope for gonococci. This young man

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1 nemnetJ, B. 2 eac on aenghpc, H. * hatalS, B. 4 ad serpentis

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In the early part of the century Brodie speaks of the

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A. PeriarterUit. Causation and morbid anatomy. Symptoms.

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called Microbes, or small living organisms ; and as they are not

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elevated, and when the skin is squeezed a white filiform mass

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N v., operated and found salpingitis. The patient was

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body then considered the man's mental and moral make-up, de-

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" Next day, his father called upon me and reported him well.

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twisted over to one shoulder ; and another, in which the effort of speaking

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By reason of its action upon the glands of the skin we

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being less irritating). The suprarenal must be dropped into

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injury done, or (if fatal) the causeof death, would appear to be a simp e matter^

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A committee of ten was appointed to report npon the expediency of

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process had the usual extent and symmetrical distribution. The appearance of

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once, although a sino-auricular block might possibly be present ; but as

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salaries, but most of the work is free. The treatment is used

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exertion. TAc;/ do not give special courses. Besides the Pro-

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be aimed at most is to induce a copious perspiration,

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the course of a few years welcomed by almost the whole body of the medical

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Service, 1905. During the year 57,013 seamen were treated at

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normal, and the acute pain left her, though some soreness

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patient will permit, often aids in establishing the results for

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appear in breast milk. If their use is essential, the patient should stop

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