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According to the relation of the wife of Klimenkow, and of his

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quite paralytic ; and from the cervical vertebrae downwards, all power

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attempt at control but which also diminished any chance of contact

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companied' with a mortality of 2 per cent, ought it

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affected ; they only become involved in an ensuing inflammation.

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occasionally the repeated application of the iodine paint

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and after removal of the appendix. Make any sort of preparation of

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culty and excitement, occasioning a tingling and en-

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hundred fold. The field of science is illimitable, and has varieties

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attachment; (5) the absolute sterility of the skin of the

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he had been for some time sitting in his chair. His

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operation for fissured perineum and vesico-vaginal or recto-

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result seemingly of its use. In fact it is to a revellent effect, resulting from

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comparison between it and enucleation, the result of which is

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infection at the navel. The disease usvudly shows itself between the first

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only to a membrane which has been carefully cleansed by

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form of about ^ drachm of Epsom Salts or a tablespoonful of

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fourteen by seventeen translight clinical data corre-

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very great, the dyspnea and cyanosis extreme on account of

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the hope that their absorption might take place after the work

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gun an inquiry concerning the sale of the milk of con-

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for hours after it has been removed from the freezing machine.

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bleeding easily. As the patient was apparently in perfect

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nipple contained numerous hairs and sebaceous glands,

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to fire at random and with all sorts of shot, in the childlike

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"to prevent the infection of the other, the use of BuUer's shield

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