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* The figures refer to " Acts of the General Assembly of the Province of N. Jersey."

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Repr. from: Am. Gynsec. & Obst. J., N.T., 1896, viii.

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to the chromogenes, to the bile-pigments, and to the haemoglobin. As

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and elected Dr. Franklin P. Batchelder president; Dr. Joseph

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1982. 18 Deaths attributed to acute rheumatic fever were

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causing an overlapping of the edges of the parietal bones along the

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remedies. Quinin has seemed to be of value in cases not

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somewhat thorough knowledge of the subject, together with most valu-

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tremity of the rectum throws into action numerous muscles —

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his language and wants, and who knew that 1 was a phy-

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advice as to the use of ergot before the os is dilated. We can but think that

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of the teeth, induing the posterior molars, and leaving aper-

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hours of waiting, and thoroughly fix in their memo-

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receive the head and at the same time is made to correspond to it in

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Battle of Waterloo, generously presented to the Army Medical

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table, and then dissect them alive ; and those who, fast-

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from the stomach i. e., in cases of atrophic cirrhosis of the stomach

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been employed to open a glanderous abscess, wiping a wound with an

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Sick leave of absence extended four months, on surgeon's

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are advised to furnis i themselves with text books ; — -Old School works, as well as Reform

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any kind are produced. — JV. Y. Journal of Medicine.

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have another case that I am going to operate on. He has had a great

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" who has hud experience of such cases, and who saw

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of the fungi ; the water of the mines, which contains a large

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range of the operations in question has been thoroughly examined, and

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orange-juice. Perchloride of iron, ergot, extract of rhatany, and Rabel

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